“Our brains need 3 things to survive: Oxygen, Glucose & Relationships.”

Venture Church is not a church with groups; it’s a church of groups. Groups are where real life happens, in living rooms, coffee shops, over dinner or during a football game.


As our church grows larger, we understand it must also grow smaller in order to care for each individual person. While weekends are a time to celebrate together as a church, vGroups are designed to be fun and relevant. vGroups also provide personal support and the opportunity to develop relationships during the mid-week!

Groups are currently open and a new round of Groups begin in October, but you can join a vGroup at any time.

“At Venture Church, we believe it is paramount that everyone who comes through our doors should feel welcomed, connected with God, and connected with amazing people to do life with!”

– Jesse Reimers, Lead Pastor
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