Meet Our Pastors

The catalyst for our passion and vision at Venture Church is God. We know that He has a huge plan for your life and we would love to be apart of that journey with you.

His Story

Born is the Northwest Jesse spent his life as the oldest of 10 Kids (Not from the same mom) getting into trouble, and solidifying himself as a hopeless insecure young man. Jesse battled between a split-family and struggled to feel a sense of real connection to his family. He immersed himself in sports until he began running with the wrong crowds in High School, leading him into a destructive lifestyle of drugs and alcoholism.

At the age of 19 Jesse was invited to a church youth camp by an old High School friend. It was at this youth camp that Jesse met face to face with Jesus and it forever changed the course of his life. With a growing passion for God, Jesse enrolled in a discipleship ministry training program in Marysville, Washington where he attended for 3 years. After finishing this training program, he was offered a youth pastor position at his church in Marysville. Wanna know more… read the rest of the story below.

Her Story

Sandra was born in a small town in central California. She was the fourth of seven children and was brought up in a conservative pastors home. Her father was a successful church planter and pastor for over 30 years. She made her own decision to follow Jesus at 21 years old and was passionate to serve God’s will for her life from that time forward.

In 2000 she met Jesse at Marysville First Assembly where she attended the same ministry training program. While he was on his 3rd year in the program she was only in her first and there was a stricked no dating policy for all first year students. When the year was finally over Jesse and Sandra began to date. They dated for 1 year before moving to California and getting married. What happened next? Read the rest of the story below.

Their Story

Jesse and Sandra met in Seattle, Washington where they were both attending a ministry internship. After Jesse completed the internship he was immediately hired as a youth pastor at Marysville First Assembly of God. After a few short months of completing the internship and working as a youth pastor Jesse and Sandra got engaged and within the year moved to central California to tie-the-knot. After their wedding and some tearful goodbye’s to family and friends, Jesse and Sandra traveled to Texas to begin their first ministry position as youth pastors.

During the five and a half years they were in Texas, Jesse and Sandra had a profound and long lasting impact on the 2 cities they served in Fort Worth and San Antonio, especially amongst its youth. Jesse had begun to grow as a speaker and leader and had grown and developed these youth ministries.

During these years in Texas they had also welcomed their first two sons. In the winter of 2008 Jesse and Sandra felt a strong call from God to move back to California. They made the move and served in 2 exciting ministries in southern California. In the summer of 2010 Jesse and Sandra had an amazing opportunity to join the staff at North Point Church in Springfield, MO.

Under the amazing leadership of Pastors Tommy & Rachel Sparger, Jesse and Sandra had one of the largest youth ministries in the Midwest. In the Spring of 2012 they welcomed their third and final child! In the three years they were part of the team at NPC Jesse and Sandra grew the youth ministry from 150 to over 600 strong and pioneered along with the church a multisite youth ministry with three campuses in Springfield.

Their Story Continued…

They also lead the 3rd and final campus of NPC successfully through launch and into new leadership before transitioning into the preparation phase of Church Planting.

In the fall of 2014, Jesse and Sandra approached Pastor Ken Squires about starting a church in Seattle, Washington. Having never church planted before they both were hesitant about beginning this Venture but it didn’t take long before God confirmed the move. In the summer of 2015, Jesse and Sandra and their three kids, sold 95% of what they owned packed up the rest of their belongings into a small POD and moved to Seattle. On February 14th, 2016, Venture Church had its first service with an attendance of 150 people. In just the first 12 months Venture Church has begun to see the work of God unfold in a supernatural way.

Over 150 people have given their lives to Jesus, countless families have begun to call VC home. Marriages are being restored, children are being dedicated, dozens of people have been water baptized and all of this is happening because God has called Jesse and Sandra to lead the charge of Reaching People who are far from God and Teaching them to Follow Jesus.

Jesse and Sandra believe the best is yet to come and that as you visit with us on Sunday you will experience encouragement and the joy of being apart of a community passionate about Jesus and people. With the journey in Seattle just starting, Jesse and Sandra are confident in knowing that these days are only the beginnings of the amazing things that God wants to do in Seattle!