Courageous Faith

In order to influence and empower people we must live with a tenacity and courageous faith. Thinking big, living big and taking big steps towards God watching Him move.


In order to make a mega impact we will need simplistic focus. Cutting away clutter and busyness we have a singular mission and we will fight aggressively to keep that simplistic razor-sharp focus.


Everything is for God. We will embrace our limitations and strive to honor God and inspire those we influence, by never settling and always bringing our best.


We are held in place with integrity. Financial, relational, biblical and practical integrity will be paramount to our progress and without it we lose our influence.


Curiosity and innovation are central to our mission. We celebrate new, constantly changing and improving progress to better communicate God’s message.


We will never shy away and always lead the way in generous giving to our city, our church and our families. We believe generosity is the fruit of gratitude and it is more blessed to give than to receive.


We will do whatever is necessary short of sin to reach people who do not know Jesus. Doing what others will not, to connect and attract those who are far from Jesus.


People matter! We will honor those around us, above us and below us with sincere love understanding their value and potential in God. Placing others needs before our own.


Venture Church exists for the world, not for us. It honors God when we serve and we will serve without reservation to advance the potential of others finding and following Jesus. We are not here to consume but to contribute.